Our Team

  • Mirella


    Area Manager

    • I have a twin brother
    • I love my life
    • My favourite food is spaghetti bolognese
  • Ash


    Senior Buyer

    • I have a passion for exploring 
    • I love trying new things and challenging myself 
    • My favourite food is strawberries
  • Karen


    Financial controller

    • I have a beautiful husband and family 
    • I love gardening and entertaining friends and family
    • My favourite food is bacon and eggs
  • Alice


    Rice Cafe Manager

    • I have a border collie
    • I love summer
    • My favourite food is anything hot and spicy
  • Amy


    Store Manager

    • I have lived in Morocco for 1 amazing year
    • I love interior design and styling
    • My favourite food is Spagbowl
  • Bernadette


    Store Manager

    • I have small dogs and they give me lots of joy 
    • I love dancing, cooking and going to the cinema 
    • My favourite food is anything spicy
  • Emma


    Store Manager

    • I have 2 spoilt little dogs
    • I love the beach
    • My favourite food is tacos
  • Lisa


    Store Manager

    • I have two crazy sons
    • I love my family, friends and my job
    • My favourite food is anything I haven't cooked myself, what a treat
  • Tracey


    Store Manager

    • I have a passion for travel
    • I love my family, friends and lazy Sunday afternoons
    • My favourite food is anything I don't have to cook
  • Alexie


    Assistant Manager

    • I have 2 beautiful long haired Dachshunds
    • I love being near and on the water 
    • My favourite food is Italian
  • Clare


    Assistant Manager

    • I have a compact family spread across the world 
    • I love travelling the globe & interior design 
    • My favourite food is smashed avocado on toast
  • Kathy


    Assistant Manager

    • I have a very spoilt dog
    • I love summer and the beach at Byron Bay
    • My favourite food is Maltesers
  • kylie


    Assistant Manager

    • I have a beautiful furbaby called Boston
    • I love my husband
    • My favourite food Thai or Indian
  • mariah


    Assistant Manager

    • I have an interest in design
    • I love my little family
    • My favourite food is anything Greek
  • Natalie


    Assistant Manager

    • I have a wonderful husband and a large family
    • I love reading, craft and going on road trips
    • My favourite food is a good roast dinner
  • matt


    Rice Café Head Chef 

    • I have 2 dogs and 2 cats
    • I love the Parramatta Eels
    • My favourite food is sunday roast
  • Michael


    Rice Café Sous Chef

    • I have a handsome dog
    • I love cooking
    • My favourite food is Thai
  • Emalee


    Rice Café 

    • I have one other sibling and two dogs
    • I love playing netball and hanging out with friends
    • My favourite food is ice cream
  • Jordan


    Rice Café 

    • I have a pet dog
    • I love flying
    • My favourite food is pizza
  • Katrina


    Rice Cafe

    • I have two beautiful children, a dog & a cat
    • I love food and making people smile
    • My favourite food is pavlova
  • Riley


    Rice Café 

    • I have a dog
    • I love aviation
    • My favourite foods is spaghetti
  • Tahlia


    Rice Café 

    • I have a passion for travel and kids
    • I love dogs, food, adventure and family 
    • My favourite foods is fruit
  • Rebecca Zerata



    • I have a wonderful husband & 2 beautiful children
    • I love spending time with family & friends
    • Favourite food is a cheese platter
  • Carolyn


    Sales Professional

    • I have a love for animals
    • I love interiors and homewares
    • My favourite food is Italian 
  • jennifer


    Sales Professional

    • I have two gorgeous boys to keep me on my toes
    • I love to travel
    • My favourite food is anything Thai
  • Keisha


    Sales Professional

    • I have four kids & a wonderful husband
    • I love my family
    • My favourite food is Sri Lankan
  • Mel


    Sales Professional

    • I have 2 beautiful children 
    • I love family, fitness and food
    • My favourite food is Italian
  • Nicci


    Sales Professional

    • I have a crazy family who make me smile
    • I love Lord Of The Rings. Happy to be a nerd
    • My favourite food is anything without cheese 
  • Sharlene


    Sales Professional

    • I have three beautiful children
    • I love shopping and netflix
    • My favourite food is nachos and chocolate 
  • Sarah


    Sales Professional

    • I have a huge passion for travelling
    • I love my menagerie of dogs, guinea pigs, cat and bird
    • My favourite food is macaroni cheese
  • Sue


    Sales Professional

    • I have amazing friends
    • I love creativity and interior design
    • My favourite food is good curry with loads of coriander, yoghurt and chutney
  • Suzy


    Sales Professional

    • I have two children, a husband, a dog, a bird & a fish
    • I love staying busy
    • My favourite food is Thai
  • tracey b


    Sales Professional

    • I have to pat every dog i meet
    • I love early morning bike rides along the beach
    • My favourite food is pizza
  • Brad cox


    Furniture Mover And Shaker

    • I have a Staffy named Leeroy
    • I love boat cruises and guitar
    • My favourite food is steak and salad
  • Scotty2.0


    Furniture Mover And Shaker

    • I have tattoos
    • I love dirt bikes
    • My favourite food is cheese and crackers