Our Team

    • Mirella


      QLD Group Leader

      • I have a twin brother
      • I love my life
      • My favourite food is spaghetti bolognese
    • Ash


      Senior Buyer

      • I have a passion for exploring 
      • I love trying new things and challenging myself 
      • My favourite food is strawberries
    • Bek


      Showroom Leader

      • I have two daughters, a cat and a dog
      • I love me time
      • My favourite food is Mexican
    • Clare


      Showroom Leader

      • I have a compact family spread across the world 
      • I love travelling the globe & interior design 
      • My favourite food is smashed avocado on toast
    • Lisa


      Showroom Leader

      • I have two crazy sons
      • I love my family, friends and my job
      • My favourite food is anything I haven't cooked myself
    • Marvin


      Showroom Leader

      • I have a love for design + furniture
      • I love experiencing new things
      • My favourite food is Italian
    • Tracey


      Showroom Leader

      • I have a passion for travel
      • I love my family, friends and lazy Sunday afternoons
      • My favourite food is anything I don't have to cook
    • wayne


      Showroom Leader

      • I have an art studio
      • I love my interiors
      • My favourite food is Asian
    • Rebecca Zerata


      Senior Interior Designer

      • I have a husband & 2 children
      • I love spending time with family 
      • Favourite food is a cheese 
    • Allan


      Showroom Host

      • I have a wonderful loving family
      • I love living on the coast
      • My favourite food is anthing i dont cook
    • B


      Showroom Host

      • I have 3 poodles
      • I love spending time with family
      • My favourite food is spicy food
      • Dewi


        Showroom Host

        • I have two children
        • I love interior design
        • My favourite food is Indonesian 
      • Janet


        Showroom Host

        • I have a five kids & two fur babies
        • I love to create amazing spaces
        • My favourite food is anything Asian
      • Jennifer


        Showroom Host

        • I have a four amazing children
        • I love my fluffy puppy
        • My favourite food is apple crumble
      • Leonie


        Showroom Host / Admin Support

        • I have a passion for travel
        • I love making a house a home
        • My favourite food is chocolate covered strawberries
      • Leonie


        Showroom Host

        • I have two daughters
        • I love the Sunshine Coast lifestyle
        • My favourite food is that is tasty and spicey
      • Sharon


        Showroom Host 

        • I have a love for design, travel and food
        • I love yoga and french films
        • My favourite food is Italian
      • Sue


        Showroom Host

        • I have amazing friends
        • I love creativity and interior design
        • My favourite food is good curry 
      • tracey b


        Showroom Host

        • I have to pat every dog i meet
        • I love early morning bike rides along the beach
        • My favourite food is pizza
      • tracey s


        Showroom Host

        • I have two amazing kids
        • I love espending time with family and friends
        • My favourite food is steak
      • Scotty2.0


        Warehouse Co-ordinator

        • I have tattoos
        • I love dirt bikes
        • My favourite food is cheese and crackers